Sunday, March 3, 2013

This week I reached the 30 week mark of our pregnancy. It has been completely amazing! Though I am not working out as much as I would like because I have hit that exhaustion mark again. I feel like I could sleep all day and night and still be tired! My thirty week appointment was the other day, and though we won't get another ultrasound, my Midwife says that I am measuring a week bigger. Less than 10 weeks left before our sweet little girl is here, and our lives change forever!

I love feeling her move, and lately it has been more and more frequent. I registered at my hospital, and even got my hospital bag in the beginning stages of being packed.

They say that the third trimester is exhausting... Well they are right! I am in nesting mode, and I am so tired! Cleaning the house and getting the nursery read for the baby is tiring enough, but add the extra weight of a baby on board it adds to the exhaustion.

It is nice to have a helper around the house though:
The picture isn't upside down. He was laying in the basket on its side. I called his name (Zeus) and he craned his neck to look at me. I was trying to fold laundry at this moment! I guess doing house work and having a partner in crime makes the housework a little more bearable.

One more thing for tonight. Long story short: my husband used to have long hair, and slightly resembled "Thor." Well I saw this the other day on the internet and thought of him saying it to our daughter.

My Hubby talks like this sometimes to get a laugh, and it fits our situation perfectly.

Well I am going to finish cleaning the kitchen and watch Steel Magnolias.

Have a great night all of my friends. :-)

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