Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Nursing Tank Tops

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  1. UPDATE: These work GREAT for at home, however if using them under a shirt, sometimes the straps fall behind you and it is kind of hard to get them back to the front to snap them back.

  2. I recently discovered that I have two of the same color of this exact shirt, and was thinking about converting one to a nursing tank. So awesome to find the exact shirt I'll be working with! This looks super easy and I'm going to try it sometime today. Thanks!

  3. If you sew an extra strap from the shoulder strap to the shirt, just below your breast, kind of to the side so it doesn't rub your nipple, the shoulder strap won't be able to fall behind you anymore. Also, make sure the new strap is a bit loose so it doesn't bother you.