Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2 years later

Two years ago today I married my best friend. I became a MRS. and started my life as a wife. So much has happened in these two years of life together. Has it been easy? Absolutely NOT! We have fought about the simplest things, and looking back all we can do is laugh. I love him more each day that we are married, and couldn't be happier.

We have moved three separate times: two apartments, and one house. When we got married, my dog became part of our family, and later that year we adopted a kitten. So Bella (the dog) and Zeus (the cat) have been our kids for the past two years. We have also made our first "large" purchase of a new car since... we are adding to our growing family.

Two months from today we are expecting our first human child. Our lives will never be the same.

My husband has always supported me in everything that I wanted to do.I know that our beautiful child will make life a bit more hectic, however I know we can handle it.

 We have also had job changes and my hubby has even found a career. My husband has worked hard and graduated college with a bachelors in AG ED.

To celebrate our Anniversary we went to dinner a few nights ago. February and March is fair season in "our neck of the woods" and being married to an agriculture teacher means that the only time I get to spend with him is when I go with him to a competition, or when I help him with something. Fair season is so hectic! Every day there is something that has to be done, and it doesn't end until after our County Fair. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fair, however it has been an awfully long time since we have been able to attend a Sunday church service, because something must get done every weekend. After the fair hopefully we can start going to church again and get back into the swing of life.

So two years, three homes, a new car, a new career, and a baby on the way... my life is just the way I want it. I will leave you with the cutest thing that I have seen in a long time...

This is NOT my picture, I do not own this picture, or the copyrights. 

I found this picture earlier today, and I just had to share it. I can only hope that our sweet daughter will want to show cattle. Showing animals takes a lot of time and dedication, not to mention TIME... but if our baby girl wants to show animals I would be more than thrilled to support her and make that happen.

Here's to another two years of happiness and love!!

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