Sunday, March 17, 2013

Old Glider turned New

We have been extremely blessed with family that are generous enough to give us furniture for the babies nursery. My husband’s grandma gave us a glider chair and footstool. Of course the nursery furniture is all in white, so naturally I wanted to paint the wood (3)

We are actually lucky enough that we received 2 gliders. One from his nana, and one from his great grandma and grandpa. They are the same chair, and boy oh boy are they comfy. They both started out like the picture on the right. >>>> (Oh yea, and Zeus, the cat, likes sleeping on the footstool)

The first glider has been refinished with white paint and cushion covers. I used Krylon Dual Spray paint to cover the wood. This spray paint has a primer and paint in one. I wiped the chair down with a wet rag, and went to spraying. I applied two coats of paint and that seemed to cover the chair well enough. I think I could have applied a third coat, but two covered the chair.

image (5)My mom sewed cushion covers that just slipped over the original covers. They attach using Velcro so it makes it easy to wash if need be. I picked out a brown fabric for the main pieces, and a quilted pattern for the footstool and pillow. The quilted pattern was actually an accidental find that worked out great. It adds a little bit of color to the brown and white chair. The colors match the nursery decoration. I don’t have a tutorial of how to sew the chair cushions for this chair, but when I decide what colors to do the other chair in, I will be sure to take pictures and post about it.

The picture to the left <<< is the finished product in the nursery. We had about a 1/4 of a yard left over so we constructed a pillow. I figured it would be nice to use behind my back when I am nursing or for my arms.

image (6)

This is the pattern of the footstool, pillow, and strip on the chair. It was perfect for the nursery. I really like the pink, green, and brown colors for our baby girl. The little birds add life to the furniture, and the quilting adds a nice touch as well I think.

I still have the glider in the top picture to cover. I think I will leave that one in the living room since it is so comfortable! I just have to figure out a color.

Overall this project only took a day to complete. The longest thing was waiting for the paint to dry on the wood.

Like I said above, when I get the material to cover the other chair I will write up a tutorial on it.

I cannot take credit for sewing the covers for the cushions. I do not have sewing skills, but luckily my mom is a WONDERFUL seamstress and can sew all kinds of things. When I create the tutorial of the other chair, I will not sew that one either. Winking smile

Let me know what you think of the chair in the comments below.




  1. You and your mom did a great job it looks brand new!

    1. Thank you Aunt Terry! I have to say, my mom had most to do with it. I just spray painted :-)