Sunday, March 10, 2013

The harder things become.

When you are training for a race, or working out, the further along in the training you get, the easier it gets. Well the further along in pregnancy that you get the harder EVERYTHING gets. Before we got pregnant I could easily do errands all day, or work in the cow pens. Not any more.

Yesterday my husband was taking his Middle School livestock judging team to competition. (He is Agriculture teacher and they have competitions throughout the state) So not really thinking about how long of a day it was going to be, I agreed to go with him. We left the house at about 5:30 that morning and met the kids at the school. 1 1/2 hours later, we arrived at the Plant City Strawberry Festival. Now during the competition we didn't do much, besides sit around. Towards the end of the competition my hubby and I went on the search for the best Strawberry Shortcake. Since we were at the Strawberry Festival, there are strawberries EVERYWHERE! I found my shortcake and thoroughly enjoyed it! We finally left the festival around 1PM. Of course we had to take the students to lunch on the way home. So we didn't get back to the school until almost 3PM.

Once we got back to the school, our day was still not done. We had to clip the hair on one of the steers (male cattle that has been castrated) for the show this week. I was exhausted by this time. A few hours later we made it home. I ate a sandwich for supper and got ready for bed. I was in bed by 8PM (although with the time change it was really kind of like 9PM).

Well the Fair has started, an today was the market animal weigh-in. I really wanted to go and help out, but the weather is supposed to be 83 degrees today, and it is going to be another very long day. When I got out of bed this morning I was still sore. It literally felt like I had just finished a half marathon. So I opted out of going to the weigh-in today.

As much as I am missing going to the fair today, I know that exhaustion is not a good idea being almost 33 weeks so I am home bound for the day. I am at that point in my pregnancy now that I am just uncomfortable. I also have some of the craziest dreams at night. Last night I had a night mare that the baby came, and we didn't have anything at all for her. Her crib wasn't ready, we didn't have a bassinet, or blankets or anything for her. I keep having dreams like this, however this was the first Night mare that I had.

Being pregnant is an amazing feeling, I just wish I could keep up with things that I used to be. Stay tuned, I am going to post about the nursery soon.

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