Wednesday, March 20, 2013

33 Weeks and Bed rest

I am 33 weeks today!!! Only 7 more weeks until baby girl is full term! Time sure does fly by and ready or not here she comes. image (12)

Yesterday I had one of my Dr. Appointments. Everything was going ok, except I have been having pretty bad swelling in my legs and ankles. Monday for class we met at the swine unit on campus and had class outside. Well it was pretty hot and even though I stayed well hydrated I got pretty uncomfortable.

At my Drs. appointment, my Mid-wife took my blood pressure, and it was high. Sad smile Like really high! 150/79! My mid-wife wanted to play it safe and sent me to the hospital for lab work and a non-stress test. It is better to be safe then sorry, so I drove over to the hospital.

I went in and got hooked up to the machines. The non-stress test basically is a test to make sure that our baby is ok and responding ok. The nurse had a heck of a time getting the monitors to stay on my belly. Our little girl was not interested in laying there and allowing the monitors to do their job. She kept kicking the monitor and making this really loud echoing noise on the computers. They took my blood pressure every 10 minutes and kept track of our little ones heart rate. A nurse came in after about an hour and said that my labs came back ok, and my blood pressure went down a little.

I have to go back to the Drs. office on Friday for a follow-up and I have to complete a 24 Hr. urinalysis. Plus I am on “modified bed rest” until Friday at least. I am supposed to relax and keep my feet up.

It is very tough to just sit around my house not doing anything, so I would find a small project to complete and then rest. I did this a few times today and it helped the with boredom. Tomorrow is going to be another pretty boring day. I have to take a trip to the hospital to drop off my urinalysis at the lab, and then go back to relaxation. I really hope my follow-up appointment turns out ok. I don’t think I could stand being on bed rest for 7 weeks.

On a side note, because I moved my new glider into the nursery, I have been leaving the door open to air it out. Well I found a four-legged creature hiding under the stroller for our little girl.

image (11)

I was actually about to leave the house and just checking to make sure all the animals were ok. I poked my head in the room and didn’t see the cat right away until I turned to leave and spotted his white face and chest. He is such a stinker!

I will post an update on Friday after my Drs. appointment.


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