Saturday, June 22, 2013

Training Plan

There are so many training plans out on the internet for 5ks and 10ks and half marathons. Well I decided to use the Jeff Galloway method. I used his method to train for the Disney Princess Half in 2012. It is a running method that uses walk breaks to increase endurance.

My sister-in-law and I are going to run the Color Run 5k in Orlando on September 22nd. It is just over 12 weeks away from now. I used Jeff Galloway’s template for a 12 week 5k plan. I put it into excel and penciled it in my planner. I also used his pacing times to begin shaving time off of my miles.

The plan starts off easy with only two 15 minute runs on Tuesday and Thursday then a 1 mile run on Saturday. I am starting off running 30 seconds and walking a minute. This translates to about a 16 minute mile. The further into the plan I go, to faster pacing I plan to train for. Most half marathons and other races require a 16 minute mile.

Here is a link to the training plan that I am using. **I did not come up with the times, I just added my pace into the workouts. This is basically the same training plan from Jeff Galloway’s website. Click here >>Training Plan

After the 5k, I continue the training for a 10K that I am thinking of doing in November. If you want to use my document I do not mind at all, but please link back to my blog.

Below is the pacing times. This is directly off of Jeff Galloway’s website as well:

Run/Walk Minutes/Mile
30s/60s 16
30s/45s 15
30s/30s 14
1m/1m 13
2/1 12
2:30/1 11
3/1 10
4/1 9

I will start this training plan on July 1st. The cross training days (Mon, Wed, Fri) are used for working out, walking, or resting. I plan on doing my Kinect Nike + workout two of those days. Sundays are specifically for resting. Jeff goes into detail that your body needs a resting day at least once a week to gain strength and recover. I am sure for the first few weeks I will need to take more than one resting day, at least until my sore muscles get stronger.

My goal:

 run till i dont giggle

Ok well that is my goal, to get back in shape, but I like running for much more than just to tone and tighten. Running is a perfect time to clear your head and get right with God. I love listening to Christian Rock and worshiping God on my runs. Not only does it pass the time, it also helps me relieve stress.



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I will leave you with my ALL time favorite Bible Verse. I actually had a bracelet made with this on it when I ran my first race. It helps me get through the tough miles…

I can do all things through Christ…” Phil 4:13

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