Saturday, June 8, 2013

It does get easier!

I think the most common advice given to new parents is: “It gets easier.”
“Yeah Right!” Week 1 was a whirlwind. Recovering from a c-section and adjusting to breastfeeding. That week flew by, only because my mom-in-law stayed with me and helped me adjust to motherhood. **I have amazing in-laws!!! My mom-in-love came over everyday to help me. She took her vacation and spent almost every single day helping me clean my house and take care of my new baby! I honestly think I would have had a break down had she not been there for me.**
“I don’t think I can do this!” Week 2 was a wave of emotions and denial. I honestly didn’t think I could do this whole parenting thing. I was sleep deprived and still getting a hang of taking care of a little human. There were a few nights that I just started crying. I felt like I couldn’t do it. I was extremely tired, and breastfeeding HURT! I wanted so bad to give up breastfeeding and formula feed. I think I text my girlfriend every single night this week to get motivation to continue putting myself through this pain!
“Maybe this isn’t quite so bad!” By week 3 I was getting the hang of this mommy thing. I knew how to soothe the cries of my little one, and feeding was getting a little bit easier. Still sleep deprived but the love for our little girl was growing with everyday.
“It does get easier!” We have reached week 4. I believe those people with the common advice now. It truly does get easier. You learn how to soothe the baby when she cries. I am still learning what she wants with each cry, but I am getting much faster at figuring out what it is. Breastfeeding is much easier then before. This realization of the light at the end of the tunnel came last night. Our little girl ate and went to sleep at 10 PM, she woke up at 3 AM to eat again, and went right back to sleep until 6:15 AM. It was amazing! This mama got almost 7 hours of sleep.
1 day old (Born at 8lbs 2 oz.)

IMG_04061 week old (7lbs 15 oz.)

IMG_04172 weeks old (9lbs 3oz.)
IMG_04623 1/2 weeks (10lbs 7.5oz)
She is getting so big already. The pediatrician says she is growing very good. She is averaging just under a pound a week.
Back in shape
Now that all of the water weight has disappeared my weight loss has slowed down a bit. I am still losing about 1 1/2 a week though. I am starting to do the dance game on the Xbox kinect while Addie is napping in the mornings. I also still try to squeeze a walk around the block in. Of course Florida is incredibly hot during the day and I usually don’t think about getting out to walk until it is too hot, so I try and walk in the afternoons. I still only walk about 1/2 a mile. I am trying not to push my body too much yet since I am “technically” not released to exercise. My goal is to begin training again at the beginning of July.
I think I am going to run in the Color Run in Orlando, FL in September with my Moms Run This Town group. It is a 5k length which I think is a great start. I am still on the fence about running the Disney Princess Half Marathon next February. I really want to because the RunDisney events are AMAZING! Maybe if I can find someone who will run it with me I wouldn’t be on the fence. Any takers?? It is only 13.1 Miles Smile
Well since my Hubby is home this weekend I am going to find some things to do around the house. It makes it much easier when he is here to keep an eye on the baby.
Have a great weekend my friends and family. Here’s a thought for the day:
With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. James 3:9-10

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