Saturday, January 11, 2014

39 days and a new running spot

There is officially 39 days before the Princess Half Weekend. With the holidays and the weather here in Florida I haven’t been able to run for a few weeks. Finally I was able to squeeze in a run. This morning my hubby watched Addie for me while I ran some quick errands. I stopped by the local park for the first time. I figured I would try it out and see how the running path is.

I got out there and the first thing I noticed was the small lake (okay more like a pond) with Ducks in it. There were two paths to choose from. A paved one that went around the whole perimeter of the park, and a dirt path that twisted and winded through the park. Both paths went around the lake. I chose the paved path to test it out for future use with Addie and the stroller. With the exception of one short area of the path, I think it will work out really good for pushing the stroller.

I ran two laps around the park with equaled about 2 miles. It felt really good, but I was crunched for time to get back to Hubby and Addie. I logged another 2 miles in the books for Jocelyn my running Buddy.

Are you a runner? Have you signed up to be matched with your running buddy through IRun4? If not be sure to check out the website: Image (3)

Overall my run was really good. My endurance was much better than I thought and I could have done a lot more I think.

There is 39 days until the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend. A friend of mine from Church will be running it as well. We are going to use it as a girls weekend. Because we have to be at the starting line by 5:30 AM and to park we would have to be there around 4:00 AM we decided to get a hotel for the night. Our Husbands are going to stay home with the kiddos and we are heading down Saturday afternoon.

I am going to start making my costume this week or next for the race. I am thinking I will dress up as Rapunzel. As the days get closer I will post more about my costume and our plans for the weekend

Addie turned 8 months old on the 9th of this month. She is officially a crawler. Though not very fast, she manages to get going forward and get to whatever her sight is set on. She also has her two bottom teeth already in. I am pretty sure she is cutting her two top teeth, and she is trying to say Da-da already.

Addie Crawling for the first time.

Time sure flies!I have been working on a few sewing projects that will be available on my Facebook page HERE

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