Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My 1st 5k

I completed my 1st 5k Sunday. I "ran" a half marathon in 2012 with a friend, but never formally trained for any event. I found this 5k and thought it would be the perfect race for me to get back in shape after having our little girl. I started running again at the end of June about 8 weeks after delivery. I created a wonderful training plan... however I didn't stick with the plan. I tried running 2 or 3 times a week, but I knew I would be no where near able to run the entire 3 miles. With everything that happened over the past three months I didn't focus on running as much as I should have. My sis-in-law decided to run it with me so we registered together and started "training."

The night before the race I got everything ready. I had to leave my home by 4:15 AM to pick up my sis-in-law in time to make it to Orlando for The Color Run. My hubby was going to be home this weekend so he was going to watch the baby while I got "mommy time."

I picked up my sis and we headed to Orlando. We of course got there way early, but I hate being late for things. At 6:30 AM we headed to the packet pick-up. I figured there would be a line of people, but there wasn't anyone else in line. We got our race bibs and bags. **On a side-note, we got really awesome bags of goodies, but no where to put them while we ran our race** One of the other ladies that was running the race with us brought her kiddos and her hubby was staying with them while we ran. We utilized this and stored our goody bags under the stroller. 

We got there super early since we were planning on long lines. We got to relax for about an hour and a half before the start of the race. 

The Color Run is a 5k race that you get absolutely covered in colored powder. This is a race based more on having an awesome time rather than competition. 
Before the race!

We didn't run the entire race, but we did our best, and we finished covered in lots of colors. There were tons of people running this race. People of all ages; younguns, elderly, real runners and walkers. 

There is nothing like a good race to inspire you to continue training for your next race. 

After The Run

Pink Power!!

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