Friday, September 27, 2013


God works in very mysterious ways. The other day I was thinking of writing a blog post about why or what I run for. I thought about all of the reasons I get out there on the pavement. Some of the reasons included: running to stay healthy, running to lose weight, to relieve stress, for God, and to run for those who can't. I think about the people who literally can't get out there an run. A couple days later I was reading some blog posts from other runners and came across one that was titled, "I Run 4." This post was about an organization called, "IRun4."  I took the time and looked at their site and read about the organization. It was started recently by someone who decided to dedicate his runs to a handicapped child that he knew. Well the idea spread like wildfire. It is now over 6300 people strong and growing in leaps and bounds daily. After learning a bit more about this group, I sent a request for my own running buddy. 

I truly believe that God sent me to this group. The group is not just for runners, it is for anyone that is willing to get out and run, walk, workout, or dedicate any type of physical activity to their buddy. I am still waiting to find out who my running buddy will be, but I am very excited and I am trying to have lots of patience while I am waiting. If you are a runner or know a runner please visit the website

Once I get my running buddy (and it is okay with the parents) I will share the joy with you. 

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