Friday, April 26, 2013

Nursery is complete.

I finally have her nursery complete. It is organized and cleaned. Here are some pictures that I took before she comes home:

 photo (1)

These are the letters that I painted for the wall. I used plain white 4” block letters from Michaels and painted them with acrylic paint. This picture is kind of hard to see the detail, so I will post another picture to Facebook this afternoon. I hand painted the letters using some ideas that I found on Pinterest. These letters are hanging above her dresser/changing table.

image (2)

Here is her bedding! Pink and Green Paisley print! The sheet is plain pink, there is a matching quilt (which is what is covering the sheet right now). The bumpers are up and tied tight, and there is a matching crib skirt. The colors are a perfect match for the nursery. This is also a quick glimpse of her crib. It is a convertible crib that will grow with her till college! Smile It is not a drop side, but does have a short panel on the top that opens for easy access to the baby when she is laying down.

image (1)

Her head band holder is already almost full and she hasn’t even graced us with her presence. She has many head bands and little hair clips, plus I am sure she will receive more. I personally was a “bow” person, so I really hope she likes big hair bows.





image (3)

My baby shower was a HUGE blessing. We got everything that we needed for our little girl. My mom was one of the hosts for my baby shower, and she sent out invitations that offered a gift card raffle for everyone who brought diapers to the shower. I ended up with over 21 bags of diapers, plus three big boxes of diapers. I know babies go through a lot of diapers, so I am really hoping that my stock supply lasts at least a few months.

My Dr. mentioned that she thinks I may have a “big” baby. So I washed all of my 0-3 month clothes already, and I washed one newborn size onesie for her to come home in if she is small. At my shower, I actually got a LOT of 0-3 month size clothes, and not too many newborn sizes. So if she comes out small enough to wear newborn sizes, my loving hubby can go baby clothes shopping. 

I will take more pictures of the nursery and post them to Facebook so stay tuned there!

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