Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Time flies when…

You don’t get any sleep. Wow! These last almost two weeks have been a whirlwind. Having a newborn is fun, stressful, rewarding, tiring, and most of all wonderful! Addilyn (Addie) has been a huge blessing to us. Our lives have changed tremendously for this tiny 8 lbs. person. IMG_0405
Addilyn is such a good baby. She nurses every 2-3 hours (sometimes more, sometimes less) and she sleeps for 1.5-3 hours at a time as well.
Lives change so much when you introduce a newborn baby into your life.
The fluctuation of hormones after delivery is horrible. The “baby blues” are a real thing, and even though I didn’t think I would every get them, I did. Three days after having Addie I had to get an IV reinserted. I am ok with needles and I usually watch when they stick me. Well I was so swollen from the fluids and not being able to move very well that the nurses were having a hard time finding a good vein to stick. After being stuck in the forearm and on the high part of my wrist my nurse decided to call someone else who was really good at finding a vein. (I was doing fine with the sticking and prodding) As the other nurse came in the room I got this overwhelming urge to cry. It was actually really funny. I felt the urge coming and I warned everyone in the room that I was about to cry for no reason. It only lasted about two minutes, but I couldn’t control it. I was even laughing while crying with everyone in the room. Of course the nurses are used to it since they work in the maternity ward. Sometimes  I cry for no apparent reason still. I was cooking dinner last night and just started tearing up and bawling my eyes out.
Another milestone: Addie lost her umbilical stump on Sunday night (5.19.2013). She is now allowed to have bathes and can do tummy time. As a first time mom I was expecting this horrible scene when it fell off. I was imagining a gush of blood and the need for gauze and Band-Aids. Of course this isn’t the case. As a matter of fact I almost didn’t even notice except when I was changing her the little piece fell out of her onesie onto the changing table.
It is so hard to believe that she is almost 2 weeks old already. We have a pretty good routine that my husband and I do. Around 9PM he takes over watching the baby. I begin getting small cat naps until he is ready for bed. I sleep and he comes in to wake me when she is hungry. He is a night owl anyways, so this works for us. Once he is ready for bed he brings Addie into the room and lays her down in the bassinet. Since having her I have become such a light sleeper that I wake up as soon as she makes a noise. This is great because it allows me to tend to her before she wakes my husband, however she is a very vocal baby and coos and mumbles in her sleep. Either way our routine is pretty great.
Did I already say that she has her Daddy wrapped around her teeny tiny fingers? Well he is. My husband affectionately gives nicknames to show his love. Well somehow our little Addilyn has been affectionately named: Pinker Pot, or Pot for short. I am not sure where he comes up with these names but he does.
Here is one more picture of Addilyn. She always sleeps with her arms up!
Well it is almost feeding time again so I have to go take care of Addie!

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